I believe there is no 'one size fits all' approach to health. If you are suffering from energy slumps, digestive troubles, poor sleep, skin complaints, headaches, weight gain, auto-immunity or just want to improve your sense of overall wellbeing, book a nutritional therapy consultation with Amie. My clinic room is at the Wellbeing Centre at Ikigai Holistic, Whitstable.


If you are curious about whether nutritional therapy is right for you, I offer a free and no obligatory 15 minute phone call. During the call we can discuss your health goals, lifestyle objectives, symptoms and expectations.


The call will help you decide whether nutritional therapy is right for you and if I am the right therapist for you. If you are happy to book a consultation you will be sent a detailed questionnaire to complete and you will be required to record a 3 day food diary. Gathering this information will allow me to gain insight into your current heath status, medical history, symptoms, digestive health and dietary and lifestyle habits.


Your first consultation will last up to 75 minutes. In the consultation we will review and discuss your health questionnaire and food diary, talk about your health goals and medical history and I may also ask about any other factors in your life such as stress, family or work pressures. Based on the information you provide, we will work together to formulate practical and achievable diet and lifestyle program tailored to your health needs.

After the consultation a personalised dietary and lifestyle report will be sent to you that will include nutritional recommendations for you to follow. Some optional tests or nutrition supplements may also be recommended if appropriate. I may also provide you with recipes ideas, meal plans and shopping lists to help and support you on your journey to optimum nutrition.

Nutritional therapy is not a replacement for medical advice, as a practitioner who works along side other medical professionals when necessary I will refer you for any ‘red flag’ symptoms to your medical professional.


A follow up consultation will last up to 45 minutes, ideally this is 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation. In this time we will discuss how you found the nutritional changes to your diet, evaluate any symptoms, changes in health status or any laboratory tests and we will discuss how next to move forward with your health goals. You will then be sent another personalised dietary and lifestyle report that will include additional or alternative nutritional recommendations for you to follow. Again this may include some optional tests or nutrition supplements.

There is no set amount of consultations that I recommend as everyone has their own unique health needs, however as a general suggestion one initial and two follow up consultations are a good basis to begin with that last over 3-4 months.


Boy George and Sam Smith propelled this award winning programme into the limelight, however Metabolic Balance® has been established for over twenty years. Metabolic Balance® is an integrated nutritional approach that is based on intensive support alongside an individual nutrition plan. The result is successful long-term weight management. This plan acts as a “road-map” that gives you the exact natural foods needed to orchestrate biochemical changes for individualized weight and health goals. The programme consists of a comprehensive blood test, a personalised food plan and  6 consultations.  As a qualified Metabolic Balance coach I will help support and motivate you through the 4 phase programme. For weight management , I highly recommend this programme.


I offer a range of concessions on my fees for:

  • Students

  • Pensioners

  • Clients who are unwaged


What my clients are saying...

"I approached Amie for some help and advice about my gluten free diet after struggling with eating well after being diagnosed with Coeliac. She was easy to talk to and my diet has changed for the better."