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Wellbeing Workshops

Whether in the workplace or community settings, wellbeing workshops promote self-care, resilience, and a holistic approach to health and happiness.


Eating for Energy

Eating for Energy is a workshop that aims to help people understand which foods fuel the body efficiently in the workplace. In an hours talk I cover the role food plays in fuelling our day, discuss how blood sugar impacts are energy and concentration and explain why caffeine can be helpful but should be drunk in moderation. A focus on sleep hygiene and movement is also incorporated into to this dynamic and informative workshop.

Healthy Lunch

Healthy Nutrition for You and your Family

In my healthy eating for you and your family workshop, the focus is on demystifying what 'healthy' food means. Many parents are confused about what a healthy plate of food looks like and are often unsure what to feed their children. In an hour and 30 minutes this workshop goes back to to the basics of nutrition and informs parents through interactive shopping experience to help educate and expand their knowledge about food.

The workshop also has a focus on hidden sugars in drinks educating its participants on added sugar and daily recommendations. The workshop is completed with a live cooking demo lunch that incorporates what has been learnt in the workshop to create healthy plate of food.

Organic Groceries Shopping

Nutrition on a Budget

A common misconception is that 'healthy' food is more expensive than freezer or ready meals to eat. In this workshop I help to explain how eating nutritious and unprocessed foods can be budget friendly and what's more delicious to eat. In this informative workshop I discuss one pot cooking, batch cooking, using your freezer and how to ensure you are eating you 7 not 5 a day!

Well-targeted employee wellness programs have been proven to boost productivity.

Good workplace wellness from a Nutritionist can benefit the workplace by:

  • Reducing sickness

  • Improving energy levels and productivity

  • Reducing absenteeism

  • Boosting motivation and morale

  • Creating a happier working environment


Workshops can be presented in person or online via Zoom.

I also work with yoga teachers and massage therapists to provide wellness weeks for your company or event. 

For more information get in contact:

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